Get Involved

If you’d like to give roller derby a go, why not get in touch with us to learn more about this fantastic sport and book yourself in to join a Fresh Meat intake session – we offer this first session free, and have kit available to hire, so there’s nothing to stop you giving it a go!

We hold regular Fresh Meat introductory sessions. We’ve just finished our June 2018 intake and are still accepting new members. This is the best way to join the team, as it is an intake of a number of beginners, and our sessions following this will be a progressive learning experience from skating basics to passing the WFTDA minimum skills.

If you’re an experienced skater then you’re welcome to come along at any time, even if you’ve never played roller derby before! This summer we’re trainining on Saturdays at Elgin Community Centre 10am – 12pm. Just let us know that you’re planning to come along, and if you require any hire kit.

Inclusivity Policy

Helgin Roller Derby welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and abilities. Our team is open to all genders at every level, and we are committed to supporting members across the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

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