Three is a magic number!

With only three days until we open our doors for our next Taster Session, preceding the start of our Beginner’s Programme, we asked our skaters for three reasons why they love roller derby:


1. It’s really, really good fun, so much so that two hours training goes by in a second.

2. The effect it has on the bum… makes it more toned for sure, feeling the burn!

3. The moment you learn a new skill, and finally nail it.

#1845 Raven Lunatic

1. The people.

2. The feeling you get when you finally nail a skill you never thought you’d manage.

3. Getting fitter and stronger.

#22 High Skatenance

1. Laughs.

2. Fitness.

3. Fun on skates.

#235 Blonde Rambition

1. Friendships and laughs.

2. Being part of a team.

3. Passing minimum skills and getting stronger!

#297 Mane-iac

1. Skating is a super fun form of exercise and there’s always some new way to challenge yourself.

2. The people in the derby community are really welcoming and friendly.

3. Being part of a team and working together to achieve individual and team goals.

#7 Shannibal Lecter

1. There is something for everyone in the game.

2. The sportsmanship within the derby community.

3. The kick-ass feeling you get when you’ve nailed your minimum skills.

#88 HalloQueen

1. The fun and laughs with everyone.

2. Everyone supports and helps each other out.

3. The chance to escape everything for a couple of hours.

#89 Melicious Intent

1. It’s a brand new sport, still in development, with changing strategies, so there’s always something new to learn.

2. It’s the fastest growing female sport worldwide – roller derby is one of few sports that is female dominant.

3. The friendly community – you can meet a person that day, kick-ass with them on track half an hour later, and be hugging them at the end of the game!

#92 Night-Mair

1. The rush you get when playing in a game.

2. All the new friends you make in the derby community.

3. When you nail a new skill after working on it for ages.

Why not find out for yourself how much fun roller derby is? Our Taster Session is this coming Saturday, 22nd September 2018, 11am – 1pm at Elgin Sports and Community Centre. It’s completely free with skates and safety equipment provided – book here.