Skater Spotlight: March 2018

How on earth is it March already?! 2018 is just flying by! A new month means it’s time to introduce you to another of our skaters…

This month’s Skater Spotlight is on the one-and-only, #16 Kathital Punishment. She’s not far off celebrating 2 years skating with Helgin and it’s about time we learned a bit more about her!

What is your day job?
I’m a 1-1 Key worker at Ladybird, a nursery for amazing children with additional support needs.

What do you do for fun (other than derby)?
I have 2 boys aged 9 & 5. We like to explore different places, days out, camping. I’ve recently discovered a love for the gym, which is sometimes fun!

What is your dream holiday destination?
I’m not a good flyer so not fussed for anywhere. But somewhere I could be with my family with no stress.

What is your specialist skill? (On skates or off)
I can juggle!

What attracted you to join roller derby?
I used to love roller skating with my sisters when I was younger and saw the advert for a taster session. I went along and I was hooked!

What’s your top tip for those just starting roller derby?
Keep trying, it’s your own journey! Battling your own demons is the hardest part, but I promise you will get there.

Which derby player do you look up to/ most aspire to be like?
I loved watching Lady Trample during the world cup. Slightly more local: Udder Mayhem, Rock’N’Riot, Shorty and Rosie Peacock.

One positive thing roller derby has brought to your life:
Confidence to try something new with new people.

What is your proudest derby moment to date?
Passing my 27/5. A huge achievement for me that I was delighted to pass.

Roller derby to you, in three words:
Fun on wheels