Skater Spotlight: January 2018

It’s a whole new year, and we’re hoping it’s an exciting one for Helgin Roller Derby!

This year’s first Skater Spotlight is on Little Miss Giggly herself, #92 Night-Mair. She’s celebrating 2 years skating with Helgin this month, and now you’re getting to know a bit more about her!

What is your day job?
I work in the labelling department at Johnston’s of Elgin.

What do you do for fun (other than derby)?
Running, bingo, and eating.

What is your dream holiday destination?

What is your specialist skill? (On skates or off)
Off skates – baking; on skates – laughing!

What attracted you to join roller derby?
I was looking for a new hobby, and something to keep me fit.

What’s your top tip for those just starting roller derby?
Invest in better knee pads as soon as you can!

Which derby player do you look up to/ most aspire to be like?
Rock’N’Riot from Granite City.

One positive thing roller derby has brought to your life:
I’ve made a great bunch of new friends.

What is your proudest derby moment to date?
Passing the 27 laps in 5 mins, and getting to play in Helgin’s first ever game together as a team!

Roller derby to you, in three words:
So much fun!