Skater Spotlight: October 2017

This year is just rolling on by – it’s October, and time to introduce you to another of our Skaters!

October’s Skater Spotlight is focused on our Chairperson, and BRSF trained coach,ย #7 Shannibal Lecter!


What is your day job?
Term time, I am a student doing my second year of a BScH honours degree in applied science. Holidays, I am a lab tech, and all year round I’m a mum to two beautiful little girls.

What do you do for fun (other than derby)?
Other than derby, I like to socialise with my friends, go exploring with the kids and the dog, and play golf.

What is your dream holiday destination?
A cabin in the middle of nowhere, where the kids and dog can run free, other half can do his painting and I can sit on a deck with cocktails.

What is your specialist skill? (On skates or off)
On skates, I would say I specialise in blocking and hitting. Off skates, it would be doing hair – I love to create new hairstyles.

What attracted you to join roller derby?
When I heard about roller derby, I automatically thought it sounded like the sport for me. It didn’t sound boring, instead it felt like something I would always be learning something new at. It never fails to surprise me and the derby community itself is so accepting of everyone, I just had to give it go. I knew I would meet like-minded people through it. I had never tried roller skating and always like to try new things, so I gave it a bash and immediately fell in love with it!

What’s your top tip for those just starting roller derby?
My top tip to those just starting their roller derby journey would be to never compare yourself to other skaters, and give it all you have. Everyone will learn the skills at their own pace and that’s the beauty of it, there is no time limit. Every skater is different and will have their own unique ways of doing it. Never be afraid to ask for help. The amount of effort you put into derby will decide what you get back from it.

Which derby player do you look up to/ most aspire to be like?
Internationally, it would be Freight Train as she is just a powerhouse! Locally, it would be Riot as her blocking and hitting skills are just something else.

One positive thing roller derby has brought to your life:
It has given me friends that I can honestly say are truly good friends that I can count on.

What is your proudest derby moment to date?
My proudest derby moment is a toss up between passing my minimum skills, and being asked to help coach as it meant I was accepted by my team and it showed they had faith in me.

Roller derby to you, in three words:
Challenging, exciting and bad-ass.