Switching Sides Again

21272345_10212651745882641_8467483066558474783_nAfter playing with members of Granite City against Inverness City on Sunday 20th August, Bruteyvicious and Melicious Intent switched sides again and joined skaters from Inverness and Fair City to take on Granite City’s Fight Hawks on Saturday 2nd September.

The challenge team, named Team EPIC (Elgin Perth Inverness Conglomerative), also had Helgin’s Shannibal Lecter acting as Line-up Manager during the game.

It was an extremely tough game, and even though Granite City had fewer skaters, andย  some new skaters in their line-up, they are still a much more experienced team! They absolutely destroyed poor Team EPIC 305 – 80.

All the skaters from Team EPIC had a great time, despite the tough game, and everyone agreed it was a fantastic learning experience. The half time talk was about how to improve the Team’s game, and finished with an aim of more than doubling EPIC’s points, which they happily achieved, scoring 51 points in the second half, and conceding slightly fewer as well!

Our skaters love the opportunity to get on track and take part in games, so always keep us in mind when you’re looking for challenge teams – it’s the only opportunity we’ll get to play for a wee while!