Helping Out The Neighbours


Three members of Helgin returned the favour to Inverness City Roller Derby today – acting as guest skaters to help fill their roster for their first game against Granite City’s B Team, the Fight Hawks.

Kathital Punishment, Melicious Intent and Night-Mair donned their skates to help their western neighbours take on their eastern neighbours.

It was a tough game, and even though Granite City have some new skaters in their line-up, they are still a much more experienced team with a much larger number of skaters in their roster to call upon.ย The Inverness side held their own, though, and managed to get 123 points on the board to the Fight Hawks’ 259.

Melicious Intent said “It was great to be part of Inverness’ big day, and help them finally play their first game. They’re a brilliant team with a number of rising stars including winner of Best Jammer, Blacksmith, who has only just passed her mins! She was absolutely fearless and juked passed much bigger and much more experienced players!”

Night-Mair was ecstatic to take part in her second game, and Kathital Punishment really enjoyed her third game, both left with big smiles on their faces following their blocking achievements. Nothing is going to stop them now!