Our Only Hope For Home Bouts

Moray is perceived locally as poorly served in terms of sports facilities. Scotland’s average has a multi-sports centre for every 33,000 people. Moray has a population of 95,500 and no sports facilities of the calibre that the new Moray Sports Centre promises to provide.

Helgin Roller Derby has been struggling for halls to train in for two years, trying just about every village hall in a ten mile radius, and finally finding a slot in Elgin Community Centre in April 2015. We’ve just managed to get a second slot in this hall, but it means back-to-back training, with our sessions being Friday night and Saturday afternoon. We have no choice – the halls are full, and these are the only slots available.

The lack of facilities in Moray also means that currently we have no hope of every hosting a home bout – we will have to be a travel team. Elgin Community Centre’s Games Hall only just fits a track, with it touching the walls, and doesn’t have room for referees, a penalty box, and certainly not a crowd.

We NEED Moray Sports Centre to go ahead, but Moray Sports Centre NEEDS funding for that to happen. They’re currently applying for £25,000 from Aviva to help make the Centre a reality, and could use YOUR VOTE to make it happen.

Don’t leave Moray in the dark ages for sporting facilities. Help us be a fitter county – Vote For Moray Sports Centre