*Drumroll* Presenting our new logo!



Our committee were inspired by Rainy City Roller Derby’s recent rebranding and decided that while our logo was good, it wasn’t great for various reasons:

  • It contained a lot of colours making printing expensive
  • The number of colours made it difficult to find a colour of tshirt (or indeed kit) to print on
  • It was intricate and not particularly easy to read when small
  • It featured a white woman, which didn’t concur with the club’s co-ed status or inclusivity policy
  • It didn’t scream ‘Sports Club’ at people

So, we let our Chair loose on Illustrator, and then put the logo options to a members’ vote at our AGM, and we now have a lovely new logo, with only two colours, which helps our kit choice, and a big bold image of Elgin Cathedral with a figure of unknown sex and race skating. It also looks much more sporty – we hope you agree!